Time just seems to be going so fast.

Here we are again mid-way through the week, before we know it , it will be the weekend again, time is going by crazy fast these days.I think as we get older we seem to have so much to do , also each day is less and less of a % of your whole life , or maybe I’m just going a bit mad 😉 .

 Didn’t get up to much last night, just relaxed after work , I’m still very tired today all the same, i think i might have to take this weekend off from drinking and the likes, come to think of it i can’t remember the last weekend i did nothing. I’m sure i’m forgetting some 21st i have to go to but i’m going to try my best to do nothing.

Tonight i think ill just relax in front of the t.v , its great having lou home to chill with but i think she wants to watch Big Brother tonight, so i  think she will have to get the flick tonight 😉 , ah only messing i might try give it a chance as i have nothing else to watch ( i’d say ill last 5 mins)


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  1. Nicola on

    Look at you, ii bet you’re one of them that denies down to the ground that you like BB but secretly do 😉

    I so know what ya mean about time going too fast, it freaks me out something terrible.

  2. David Giles on

    It might seem like that, but if i like it it ill say i do, like i love sci fi and i get enough stick about that , if i liked BB id say it 😉

    Yeah this time thing is mad, hope is won’t go this fast in Thailand

  3. louphoria on

    that % idea is very interesting Dave, I hadn’t thought of it like that before. I think it’s the routine that makes it go so fast – I don’t think you’ll have the same problem in Thailand

  4. David Giles on

    yeah thats true Thailand is anything but routine!

  5. sleeplessinfnej on

    Yes, time does fly and talk about freaking out…I’ll be 39 in August!!!

    One day you’ll wake up and realize you’ve got kids and dogs and cats and a spouse and a mortgage, and you’ll wonder…how the hell did I get here?!

  6. sleeplessinfnej on

    7 pm this side of the pond and you’re probably fast asleep. It just occurs to me, though, that last time I was in the UK, which was a lifetime ago, mind you, everyone freaked out that I was a girl named Robin. And we have a minister at our church who is from Wales, and when we first met he couldn’t believe my name. I just wanted to make sure that you were aware that I, Robin, am a girl. 🙂
    And no, I don’t cook live chickens! Only dead ones.

  7. David Giles on

    Yeah its crazy, like im only 22 but it seems like only yesterday I was 18, I always thought Robin was a girls name, good to hear that about the chickens 😉

  8. eco on

    i cant even sleep at night any more, i just thnk that time is going aways so fast that i will die soon and that i have done nothing at all… this pain wont go away, i havent sleept for 2 weeks ant im in so much pain.

  9. louphoria on

    eco – I don’t know if that’s a wind up or what, but if you are serious you need to get sleeping tablets from the doctor – not sleeping distorts everything – at the very least, get a herbal preparation from a health shop.

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